"SportsFlex masks in 8 colors seemed like a great choice for my customers.  I had no experience selling masks in my retail store.  They made it easy and they all sold fast and I got great comments from all my customers."
- Janie
Plano, Texas 
"I LOVE my SportsFlex Mask! I had to travel recently for family purposes and spent a lot of time in the airport. It was very lightweight, comfortable, durable, and washable. Easy to wear all day long! Plus the colors are so cute. I always get compliments on it."
- Morgan
Austin, TX
"SportsFlex makes things easy. I feel like I can be active and be safe, no matter where I go."
Austin, TX
"It's definitely the most breathable 3 fabric layer mask I have. So if someone wants more protection but without sacrificing as much breathability, this one is a perfect fit."
- Annie