SportsFlex USA Frequently Asked Questions

1. Bacteria vs. Virus? How does it help protect me from bacteria and viruses?

- Our triple layer construction is tested to protect against bacteria and virus particles, no mater the size. SportsFlex has unique Triple Nano Fabric Design. The fabric is layered with Nano Treated Fabric, Antibacterial Padding, and Antibacterial Knit Fabric
2. Do you have small masks?
- We do not have these masks in small just yet! Since the ear-loop is very flexible, you can adjust and retie the loops to make them fit a smaller head or a child's head!
3. What size should I get?
-We offer Medium and Large sizes. Generally Medium is good for most people. 
4. How do we make and prove the claims we are making?
- TNG has used Intertek to test the fabric and identify antimicrobial level, UV protection, and anti-dust.