Purchase Acceptance and Sale of Product Conditions for SportsFlex USA

Purchase Acceptance and Sale of Product Conditions for SportsFlex USA
Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and in the amount of the specified Order Form (Purchase Order) attached hereto as acknowledged by _________________________________ (Customer), the Customer is obligated to remit payment for such specified Products (Purchased Products) for the total price and extended amounts due (the Amount Due) at the disclosed cost to Customer (Wholesale Price) within 30 days from the date hereof (Due Date).
SF shall in good faith and with Customer's obligation to make full payment of the Amount Due by the Due Date for the specified Purchased Products as reflected on the attached Purchase Order and part of this Agreement, place and deliver the Purchased Products to the Customer at the time of this Agreement.  The Customer's resulting obligation to remit full payment for the Purchased Products by the Due Date in the Amount Due shall be in effect regardless of the Customer's capacity or success in selling such Purchased Products.   
Customer agrees that if payment for Purchase Products is not made at the time of purchase or through other means provided by the Customer to SF on or prior to the Due Date, the Credit Card authorization as taken by SF by the advance permission by Customer shall be charged to the Customer's account satisfaction for such amount in full by SF on the Due Date.  
Purchase Products may only be returned, in specified part but not whole, in the event that the Purchased Product has defects, errors or irregularities (Defective Purchased Products).   In the event of such condition identified to Customer and made known to SF together with the return to or pickup of such specified Defective Purchased Products to SF, SF shall then, at that time, remove such specified Defective Purchased Products as a deduction from the Amount Due for the Purchased Products.