Free At Home Fitness Programs During COVID-19

Has your fitness routine been interrupted by the lack of open gyms and studios? Maybe you find yourself using your ClassPass credits for things such as facials and hair cuts instead of your favorite pilates class. 

"Although it might be tempting to skip your workout during these challenging times, public health officials say that exercise — while undoubtedly crucial under normal circumstances — is essential to your physical health and mental well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Say goodbye to the Quarantine 15 and hello to your new Quarantine Bod! We've compiled a list of our 5 favorite At Home Workout Programs offering FREE memberships/trials during this time:

1. Peleton

The praised at-home bike you've all heard and read about but can't believe the price? Well there's more than just that! Did someone say DANCE CARDIO?

Peleton is offering a 30 Day Free Trial through their app here

Our favorite classes?

- Dance Cardio: upbeat, fun, energetic dance class that will have you laughing more than you sweat!

- 20 minute HIIT workout: all you need is a mat and some water for a guaranteed burn

- 30 minute Abs: 6 pack, here you come. That's all you need to know ;)


2. CorePower Yoga

They say it best. This is the time we need yoga the most!

Click the link here to get full access to a handful of FREE classes by some of the top yoga instructors in the world.

Want to start slow? Try one of their C1.5 classes to get the feel for this amazing yoga sessions

Want to feel the burn? Step it up to either C2 or Sculpt to really get the full CorePower Experience!

PS: You can YouTube classes from them as well through the link here


3. Barry's Bootcamp

Burn, baby burn! As Barry says, work (out) hard and be nice to people (at home). 

Barry's has converted their classes to IGTV level Total Body workouts. Yes, please!

Tune in daily for LIVE workouts through some of Barry's Best Instructors. Click the link here to see the wide array of classes they have available at all times through their IGTV.  


4. Orangetheory Fitness

Maybe similarly to CrossFit, once you give Orangetheory a try, you'll never look any other direction. You can't say you haven't been warned! 

Orangetheory Fitness has studios all over the U.S. offering classes for upwards of $130 a month typically. But guess what?!

They are dropping classes for FREE! 

Check out the class of the day here. You're going to want to bookmark that page, just trust us. 


5. StretchLab

After all of this hard working out and body movement, you're going to need a nice, long stretch. Take time to sit, breath, and stretch out the muscles you just worked so hard! You did it!

They are providing At Home Stretching Videos through their Facebook Page here

It may almost feel as good as that first stretch you took getting out of bed this AM. 


We are cheering you on here at SportsFlexUSA. It's never too late to start! It's never too late to be active. It's never too late to be healthy. You've got this!